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Email subject line: Kelli killed her 6 mo. old Great dane. Could you be killing your pet, too?

Dear Loving Pet Owner:

Kelli is an energetic loving happy eleven-year-old girl. Her passion is showing champion Danes. Kelli’s most favorite dane was a six-month old boy who had just won his third major showing. Kelli was beaming with pride as her pet dane received his champion title. Finishing up the competitions that night Kelli and her parents headed home. Driving home Ch. Mad Max 2 started to convulse and lost his bladder. The urine showed an extremely large amount of blood. Before they could get pulled over Kelli’s loving pet was dead. What killed this happy, healthy puppy so quickly? Could their other Danes be in danger? Click here to find out.

Teresa’s an executive and just loves her pet Husky named Mandy Moonlight Madness. Teresa came home, as Many jumped into her arms Teresa felt some moisture. Mandy was not a puppy to potty in the house. This caused concern and when Teresa examined Mandy she saw some blood. What could be causing this to happen? Could there be something toxic in the house? Maybe an allergic reaction to her food? What will the vet find out? Click here to check it out.

Do you know the toxic or deadly ingredients you might be giving your loving pet? What has caused this to happen to two different breeds from different areas of the country? Have you been noticing your loving pet being sluggish, not seeming up to its usual self? Are you giving your loving dog something that might be causing health issues? See what both Kelli and Teresa found out about their pets. It will shock you when you see what is going on, how you may be unknowingly killing your pet. Click here for the results.

Loving Pet Parents,
Keith Denman
Proud owner of a Great Dane

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Do You Know What You Are Giving Your Pet? Is It Safe? Think Again! You May Be an Unwitting Accomplice to Killing Your Pet.

What Killed Kelli’s Puppy?

Desert Dragon Kennels is the Home of Champion Danes. Rob and Dorothy Mayweather and their beautiful daughter Kelli own Desert Dragon Kennels. Kelli loves training and playing with all the pugs. One of her favorite things to do is roll around in the grass while all the Danes crawl all over her licking her face. You can see the pride in Kelli’s eyes as she works with these beautiful loving animals.

Kelli’s favorite of all the Danes was Mad Max 2. Those of you who do not know dogs have to be six months old before you can start showing. Mad Max 2 was extraordinary and showed great promise. Kelli worked with Max for an hour a day on show training. Max had already won two major 5 point showings. The Houston show would be Max’s third major show at the ripe age of six months. No dane ever has been awarded Champion title at such a young age. Kelli and Max were the talk in the dog world. No one Kelli’s age has ever accomplished such a feat either.

The Houston dog show is one of the largest in the country. Kelli and Mad Max 2 were rocking the show. Watching the two of them together, one could not help but see the love they had for each other. Kelli and Max won best in breed, then they won best in group. The best in breed win moved Mad Max 2 to champion title. Now the win of best in group just added icing on the cake. Kelli and Mad Max now would be going for best in show. Little did Kelli know that the treats used during the show was killing her loving pet.

As Kelli and Mad Max 2 stood in the winner circle receiving their trophy and awards you could see the pride in Kelli’s eyes. Little did she know in just a couple more hours Ch. Mad Max 2 would be dead. How could this happen so quickly? How could a treat kill her dog? Are they Tainted or Contaminated? Before we dig deeper into this, let us look at Teresa’s story.

Teresa’s Story. Her Husky Survived!

Teresa is an executive and wanted a medium sized dog to greet her when she came home at night. After researching, Teresa decided on a Husky. Once finding a breeder, she chose her pet. She named her Mandy Moonlight Madness.

When her puppy got old enough Teresa took her to obedience class. Mandy was a character; she did a great job in class. Until it came to laying down on command. It was cold and wet outside. Mandy would not lie down like all the other dogs. The trainer told Teresa she might need to lay down on top of Mandy. Teresa’s husband put a stop to that. Keith walked up took off his jacket putting it on the ground. Mandy proceeded to do three circles laid down just like all the other dogs. Smart dog! The instructor started laughing saying, “well we know who the princess of this group is.” Keith replied smiling, “we just have a smart dog.”

Before Mandy could make it to her first birthday Teresa discovered blood in her urine. How did she find this? Well, Teresa came home when Mandy jumped into her arms Teresa felt something wet. Mandy was not prone to going in the house this caused concern. Upon examining Mandy Teresa noticed some blood. What could be causing this.

Mandy’s Vet Visit

Mandy’s vet visit. Dr. C figured it to be an allergic reaction to her dog food. He recommended a specific food to prevent allegoric reactions. While transferring Mandy from the dog food she had being given to the new food Teresa quit giving her, her dental chew bones. Once the transfer was done the bleeding stopped. Viola! Problem solved! Not solved within a month she was starting to bleed again. Now Dr. C was concerned. He thought maybe there was something toxic in the house. He came over inspected the home but found nothing. Teresa was crying when Keith got home. She could not figure out what was happening to her loving pet.

What Did They Figure Out?

Keith sat down with Teresa started going over everything that she had done. First they changed the food. When Teresa changed the food she also quit giving the dental chew. The blood stopped. Then just a few days after starting her on the dental chew Mandy started bleeding again. Teresa then took Mandy off the dental chew the bleeding stopped. The major ingredient in the dental chew is corn starch. Since taking corn products out of Mandy’s diet, Mandy has lived a happy, healthy life. Are you giving your pet something that could be killing it?

Ingredients in Your Pet Food. What Kelli Discovered!

After two weeks locked in her room Kelli came out determined to discover what happened. What she found out will make you sick. Kelli’s parents are very cautious about what they feed their dogs. When they found out the treats were contaminated, tainted with melamine and cyanuric acid they dumped all they had.

Kelli started doing online research on all ingredients used in making dog food. Where the ingredients come from. What testing is done in guidance to federal regulations. Kelli got this information all together then called the USDA (United States Dept. of Agriculture), FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and the AAFCO (The Association of American Feed Control Officials).

The goal was to find out the requirements for organic certification. The testing procedures for testing for contaminants. Kelli’s goal was to make a treat that would be safe and healthy for all dogs. To test each batch for any of these contaminants so no one else would go through what she did. Puptastic Naturals wants to benefit their friends with peace of mind. Give you the knowledge to make informed decisions on your pets’ food. To give you and your pet happy, healthy years together.

Melamine and cyanuric acid combined together create crystals that can cause kidney issues and kidney failure.

This is what killed Ch. Mad Max 2, Kelli’s pride and joy. Why would anyone put these items into dog food and treats? Profits, pure and simple. Kelli also found that there are pesticides, antibiotics, arsenic, methanol and other heavy metals in imported dog food. Of course the treats they used were made in the USA. So they thought. Kelli found out for something to be labeled “Made in the USA” regulations only require that the product be “all or virtually all” made here. (Information on dog food advisor). The components all came from China where there is little or no regulations.

Why weren’t these products inspected by the USDA or the FDA when entering the country? Well it is but unfortunately they are overwhelmed. With over worked inspectors the testing is far between. Then the testing is minimal at best. Another issue that comes up in testing is that melamine shows up as a protein. What does this mean to you? Well if the product claims 15% protein and it has melamine then the actual amount could be far less.

How can this get by our inspectors? Well China food trade with the USA is a multi-billion-dollar business for China. $13.33 billion in soybeans, $2.4 billion in cotton, and this is a big kicker for our health as well as our pets. $1.08 billion worth of wheat. This is the 2003 reports found at Alliance for American Manufacturing. Wheat and corn products contain aflatoxins B1. Aflatoxin affects the liver, GI tract as well as reproductive issues.

The pet food industry blog has shown that China is bring in $1.37 billion on the pet food industry alone and that number is still growing.

People thought that after the pet food recalls in early 2000 all this was taken care of. We no longer had these issues. Well this is just not so.

In 8/11/2015 it was reported that Northwest Farm Food Cooperative of Burlington, Wash., had recalls due to salmonella.

2/12/2015 Pet International of Miami, FL., recalled 6” beef trachea pet treats, also contaminated with salmonella.

Between 2006 and 2007 over 60 million different brands of foods and treats were recalled. There were over a dozen different producer recalls because of contamination from wheat gluten and rice proteins.

There is good news though. Kelli refused to be bullied by these big producers only caring about their bottom line. Puptastic Naturals was formed. Producing an all-natural organic treat was born. What does this mean to you? Well there is something out there that you can trust. Benefits you with peace of mind. A pet that is happy healthy, full of energy. Let us look at some of the ingredients that are out there. How they can affect your pet.

Ingredients in Pet Food Products

Meat and meat by product from sick or dying animals, even road kill can be used in making pet food products.
(There’s the opinion that sick and dying animals are a natural source for animals. That substandard food should be fine. The thought that cooking kills the germs is not true. Look at the recalls that we just talked about. Domesticated animals are like humans they have been breed and developed a more sensitive digestive tract. This causes them not to be able to handle tainted foods like wild animals can.)

Corn or corn byproducts
(Corn products are the leading cause of aflatoxins B1. The other two leading causes of aflatoxins are peanuts and cottonseeds.) (Information from dog feed info)
(Peanuts contain mycotoxins which include the aflatoxins. Peanuts are also high in Trans-fatty acids which is one of the most toxic food substances today.) (Information dogs natural magazine)
(Gossypol is a major toxic ingredient in the cotton plant. Gossypol is poisonous, usually long-term, cumulative and harmful substance. Long term exposure can cause: heart, lungs, kidneys and reproductive issues.) (Information at Merck vet manual.)
(Middling’s are the waste material not fit for human consumption. These consist of fine particles of wheat bran, wheat shorts, wheat germ, wheat flour and some of the offal from the tail of the mill.) (Information at dog food advisor)
Rice Proteins
(These proteins are a major source of allergies in dogs. If your dog is showing signs of allergies look for rice protein in your dog food or treats.) (Information at modern dog magazine)
(Aflatoxicosis is a disease of the liver, causes GI tract issues as well as reproductive problems. Anemia and jaundice are signs of Aflatoxicosis. Some Aflatoxins are known to cause cancer in animals.) (Information dog food advisor.)

Napas daily growl is a good resource for more information on harmful ingredients in your pet food.

Solution to Tainted Treats

There is a solution to this problem. It is Puptastic Natural treats. An all-natural organic treat. 100% produced here in the USA. The products used to make Puptastic treats are grown and raised under the strict guidelines for organic certification by local farmers and ranchers.

Kelli and her parents also go out to the local ranchers and farmers inspecting the facilities to make sure they are up to their standards. No sick or dying animals are used. No animals are giving MGH or antibiotics for increased growth rate. All berries and grains are tested for aflatoxins B1.

Something to note: The FDA’s classification “low toxicity” allow for trace amounts of melamine, as well as up to 30% cyanuric acid added to the food. These two ingredients together we know causes kidney disease and failure.

What is cyanuric acid? It is used to stabilize swimming pools. It also tests as a protein. (World Health Organization) What does this mean to pet food manufacturers? (The New York Times) They can claim high meat protein levels when there really is a low amount of actual protein. Higher profits, pure and simple.

So why does Puptastic not use melamine? Melamine is a coal product used in making plastics. Yes, it tests as a protein so you can put less meat in while maintain a higher protein test levels. We know though that mixed with cyanuric acid it can kill your pet. Is the saving really worth it?

Not to loving pet owners like you.

That is why you are guaranteed not to find either one of these ingredients in Puptastic Natural Dog Treats. This is why you are giving a 100% money back guarantee. When we say meat is in our product it is meat. Not something that test as meat. So we can offer you peace of mind that you are giving a safe healthy treat to your furry friend.


I used to sell four different treats in my vet clinic. I now only sell Puptastic Naturals. We use them for all animals that come into our clinic whether it be for boarding or our training clinics.
I have personally seen the Puptastic facility and highly recommend Puptastic as the only treat for all my patients.
Dr. Dominic Cariplo, DVM, CPDT-KSA, CDBC

Nutritional Value of Puptastic Natural Treats

If you would like to know how the calculations and data analysis for pet food is figured check out the AAFCO site. Look under nutritional labeling.

One thing to remember when looking at ingredient labeling is that it is listed by weight. According to the FDA meat is about 75% water. Meat meals and bone meals have most of the water removed, this concentrates the protein. (Information at pets WebMD)

Puptastic Naturals comes in 5 delicious flavors: chicken, beef, liver, turkey and lamb. The nutritional values are:

Large and Medium Dogs: Small and Toy Dogs:

Omega 3 is 2.5% 1.9%
Omega 6 is 1.2% * 0.8%
Crude Protein is 38% 32%
Crude fat is 12% 10%
Moisture is Max 5% Max 4.5%
Methionine is 190 mg 40 mg
Phosphorus is 145 mg 30 mg
Potassium is 1050 mg 240 mg
Iron is 29 mg 9 mg
Cooper is 2.6 mg 0.55 mg
Manganese is 3.5 mg 1 mg
Zinc is 43 mg 14 mg
Iodine is 0.5 mg 0.1 mg
Selenium is 0.06 mg 0.01 mg
Vitamin A is 3,800 IU 1,000 IU
Vitamin D is 380 IU 100 IU
Vitamin E is 63 IU 20 IU
Thiamine (Vit B1) is 6.3 mg 2 mg
Riboflavin (Vit B2) is 6.3 mg 2 mg
Vitamin B5 is 12.7mg 4 mg
Niacin (Vit B3) is 25.4 mg 8 mg
Vitamin B6 is 6.3 mg 2 mg
Folic Acid is 0.75 mg 0.2 mg
Vitamin B12 is 0.05mg 0.015 mg
Vitamin C is 635 mg * 190 mg
Vitamin K is 0.025 mg 0.008 mg
Biotin is 0.12 mg 0.035 mg
Beta-carotene is 152 mg 45 mg
Carnitine is 55 mg 17 mg
Taurine is 380 mg 105 mg
Molybdenum is 0.25 mg 0.08 mg
Glucosamine is 255 mg 80 mg
Chondroitin sulfate is 200 mg 60 mg
Lycopene is 0.44 mg 0.13 mg
Lutein is 5 mg 1.6 mg
DHA is 16.5 mg 5 mg
Amylase is 17000 SKB 1/g 17000 SKB 1/g
Protease is 55000 HUT 2/g 55000 HUT 2/g
Lipase is 11250 LU 2/g 11250 LU 3/g
Total microorganisms 5 mil CFU 1.5 mil CFU

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profile

1 SKB = 1g starch converted per hour per gram of enzyme.
2 HUT = 1.1 micromole/ml tyrosine liberated per minute per mg of enzyme.
3 LU = 1 micromoles fatty acid liberated per minute per mg enzyme.

You can see Puptastic Natural holds nothing back. You can see how healthy and safe they are. Kelli also gives you a 100 % money back guarantee. If for any reason you do not love the treats send back the unused portion to get a full refund. Order within the next 5 days and get a free 5 sample pack worth $12.99 as a thank you for trusting in us.

If you give your email address Kelli she will also send you her e-newsletter packed full each month of helpful information. Information on training, care, feeding as well as choosing what breed is best suited to you. All the information in the e-newsletter is worth thousands of dollars. Kelli gives it to for free so you can be informed as well as stay informed on what is happening in the dog world.

The dogs at Desert Dragon Kennels have more energy, healthier coats and enjoy playing for longer periods of time since switching to Puptastic Naturals Treats. The healthy all natural ingredients help prevent: allergies, increase energy with proper nutrition and will cut down vet cost due to poor nutrition.

Wondering How to Order

Ordering is simple and easy to do but first let me share with you some testimonials.

More Testimonials
My dog loves these treats and I get peace of mind knowing I am giving a healthy safe treat to my dog. Since giving Vigio these treats his energy has picked up and his coat is shiny. Vigio just looks healthier. This is the best treat out there.

Sherri L. Dallas, TX

My name is Joe Stanley, my wife and I run Beagles Are More Kennels and Boarding House. Since meeting Kelli on the show circuit and knowing what happened with her pug, we have switched to using only Puptastic Natural treats. Our animals love them and we know they are the safest and healthiest treats out there. We suggest to anyone who buys one of our dogs to only use Puptastic Naturals. Thank you Kelli for bring something good from such a tragic situation.

These are the most awesome treats out there. I recommend them to all my clients who bring their dogs in for training.

Joe Jimmy Long CPDT-KA, CDBC, Canine Attitude, LLC, New York, NY

Thank you for your treats. I now have a treat Mandy loves and is healthy and safe to give her. I no longer have the stress and worry of coming home to a sick dog. She looks healthier, her coat is shiner and she bounces around like when she was a young puppy. I have also saved on vet visits. Thank you Puptastic and thank you Kelli for creating them.

Teresa D., Las Vegas, NV

Some More Information About Puptastic Facility

When Kelli took her college savings to build Puptastic her parents were not thrilled. Building Puptastic just made sense. So Kelli researched how to design and build a manufacturing facility. Kelli wanted to make sure only the highest quality ingredients are used. That a clean sanitized facility was used. Kelli then resourced local farmers and ranchers for organic produced products.

Kelli worked with FDA, USDA and AAFCO to get testing procedures set up so each batch of treats get tested. This is an added expense which Kelli feels is necessary but does not believe this cost should be passed on to her customers. By using only high quality items and testing, Kelli can give you Puptastic 100% money back guarantee.

Kelli also will give you a free tour of the facility if you are ever in the area. Just call to make sure she is there. Tours are after school and before dinner between the hours of 4 PM and 6 PM.

Kelli also gives each customer access to her Puptastic e-newsletter for free just by signing up on her email list. There are articles by leading vets and trainers from around the country. Articles on food and food byproducts, what to look for. How to train the untrainable owner? (article on the ins and outs of dog training) and so much more.

There is three ways you can order your treats.

Remember that Kelli gives you her 100% money back guarantee. Order within the next 5 days and she will throw in a 5-piece sample pack worth $12.99 for free. Sign up for the e-newsletter to receive all kinds of important information. If you do not love these treats as much as Kelli just send back the unused portion for a full refund. Keep the 5 sample pack and continue to receive the e-newsletter as our gift.

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Remember to sign up for Kelli’s e-newsletter it is free and packed full of helpful information. Information on food, treats, training and questions to ask your vet when you take your pet in for checkups. How often should you bath your pet? What is the best collar for each breed of dog and so much more? Remember it is free just for signing up. All this information is a benefit worth thousands of dollars and is for free so sign up today.

Desert Dragon Kennels
Your pet friend,
Keith Denman
Proud owner of a Great Dane

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At Last You Can Give Your Pet a Treat That Is Safe and Healthy
While Giving Yourself Peace of Mind

Remember that for your pet to have a shiny healthy coat, bright eyes, energy and healthy joints you need these vitamins and micro minerals: (The Bark)

Vitamins: A, D, E, K, C and B.

Micro minerals: Calcium, Phosphorous, Magnesium, Potassium, Sodium, Chloride, Zinc, Sulfur, Iron, Iodine, Selenium, Cooper, Manganese, Chromium, Cobalt, Fluorine (in water), Molybdenum and Silicon.

With Puptastic Naturals you get this and so much more. You will have peace of mind knowing you are giving your pet a safe and healthy treat. A treat that has been tested for contaminates such as melamine, Aflatoxin B1 and so much more.

We also give you our 100% money back guarantee. If for any reason you do not love Puptastic as much as we do, send back the unused portion for a full refund. You have nothing to lose, but your pet has everything to gain.

If you order within the next 5 days, we’ll throw in our 5-piece sample pack valued at $12.99. You get one each of our delicious flavors we know your pet will love. This is yours to keep even if you return the treats. Our thanks for giving us a try.

Please sign up for Kelli’s e-newsletter for up to date information on training, health, nutrition and so much more. Vets and training experts from all over the country are sending in articles for Kelli’s e-newsletter. You will not want to miss out. Kelli says once you have signed up she will make sure you continue to get her e-newsletter even if you return the treats. All this information you will be receiving on a monthly basis is invaluable.

Puptastic Naturals donates 10% of their profits to animal welfare. Kelli has worked hard with an animal rescue center in China. Their goal is to prevent the theft, killing and eating of family pets during their Yulin dog meat festival. 1000s of dogs are butchered yearly for human consumption at this festival.

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