Copy Writing Samples!

Sample 1:


Letter for Restaurant Sample:

Subject: Brigtsen’s Restaurant; Awesome Cajun-Creole food with a Down Home Feel but a 5-star setting you will LOVE!

Hey Vinnie:

Glad to hear you are finally coming down to visit. I ran across this awesome restaurant and you know me, I love great food. Being a classically trained chef myself, I must say Chef Frank does it right.

When you walk in to this Carroliton cottage restaurant you will be amazed at its ambiance. As you walk up to the door it makes you feel like you are walking into a friend’s home. This converted cottage boost a home quality feel that puts you at ease. Being a converted house each room has its own intimate feel. Chef Frank’s easy outgoing personality welcomes you with friendly servers in a quaint but defiantly 5-star setting. You will be so relaxed and comfortable you will feel like you are at home with your feet up. Of course, you want to make sure you are not wearing flip flops and shorts and not putting your feet on the table.  It is an up scaled restaurant so will want to wear casual dress clothing. The difference from being at home and being here is that every time a server describes in detail the dishes or walks by bringing food to other tables your senses will be engulfed by the visions and aromas of all the herbs and spices that Chef Frank uses to create his masterful works of culinary delights.

I figured we could start out with Chef Frank’s Mustard & Cornmeal Fried des Allemandes Catfish with Tomato, Red Onion & Stone Ground Jalapeno Tartar Sauce. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. The crunch when you bite into that delicious catfish with some of that spicy tartar sauce will make you wonder why it took you so long to come and visit. Don’t worry it is not to spicy. Oh yea, you will want to bring your teeth with you so you can really enjoy this appetizer.

Next, I think, I will go for the Roasted Duck with Dirty Rice, Tart Dried Cherry Sauce and Pink-Eyed Peas. The skin of the duck is so favorable that you could roll it up and smoke per the servers. They are right, it is downright delicious. Of course, you can have the Veal or Lamb Shank. If you want fish you can go for the perfectly Blackened Yellowfin Tuna with Smoked Corn Sauce, Red Bean Salsa and Roasted Red Pepper Sour Cream. It is just to die for. Chef Frank knows how to properly blacken his culinary creations to bring out the proper flavors. I am extremely picky about my blackened food and I must say I will eat Chef Frank’s any day. You will literally feel as if you have gone to culinary heaven. What is great about the seafood here is that we are right here on the gulf and you can pick your choice of the fresh catches of the day.

For dessert, I am going to be pulled between the Double Chocolate Cake with the white and chocolate sauce on the plate. It is dressed out for the red carpet. Or maybe the super delicious Strawberry Shortcake with fresh whipped cream. Man, my mouth is watering just thinking about the flavors. I must say the desserts will make you dream of moving here. I know how much you enjoyed Oscar’s Tres Leches Cake and they have one that will revival his; with Strawberries to top it off. The Tres Leches is so moist just the sight of it will make you drool. With the addition of those fresh berries just make it over the top.

You can check out their rating on Zagat       FOOD27DECOR23SERVICE27

The “incredibly talented” chef, Frank Brigtsen’s, is a “wizard with seafood”, putting a “wonderful” “spin” on Cajun-Creole “favorites” at his “tucked-away” Carrollton cottage where the prices are “reasonable” for such “reliably” “delightful” dinners; the small, “quaint” rooms have a “warm, comfortable” feel and the staff is “so friendly you may feel like you’re at home”, so some may need reminding that it’s “not proper etiquette to lick your plate clean” here.

It also appears in the best of the best in the best restaurant classification and best of the best in service classification, too. It has also been classified as New Orleans’ Best Cajun-Creole Eats!

Gene Bourg, writing as restaurant critic for The Times-Picayune, described Brigtsen’s Restaurant’s interpretation of Creole/Acadian food as a “reaffirmation that Louisiana cooking is America’s most durable and satisfying. Brigtsen’s is now the place against which all other restaurants serving South Louisiana cuisine have to be measured.”

Here are some reviews from hundreds of 5 star ratings.

“Best meal I have ever had”

This restaurant is incredible. Everything we had was different and prepared to perfection. The butternut crab bisque was creamy and delicious. The bbq shrimp had a delicious thick bbq sauce. The creole tomato salad had the sweetest tomato I have tasted. We also had the seafood sampler that had many different fish and shellfish all prepared wonderfully by the excellent…More  

 Thank Flagtom

“Must Go Back”

First time eating here and loved the suggestion!!! My favorite was appetizers and Desserts!! I had 2 of each plus an entrée!! It’s a restaurant inside an old home, very nice but different. Liz was a great Waitress!! can’t wait to return, it’s a must!!!

 Thank SLM1973

“perfect from start to finish”

Service, food and atmosphere were amazing. We decided at the last minute to have dinner here, the weather was so so so hot and we had to walk there, totally worth it despite the heat. From the first bite to the last were delicious, I had scallops and grits appetizer, veal parm, and the lemon crème brulee for dessert. It… More  

 Thank Smalltowngirl33


This might be my favorite restaurant in the world. Frank Brigtsen’s works Magic in the kitchen. Setting in old shotgun house is inviting. Service is attentive, knowledgeable and friendly. But the food is the reason to go. Do yourself a favor.

 Thank William L

Since you are coming in Wednesday afternoon I figured I would make reservations for 8:00 PM and we can go over your itinerary of what you have planned and see what we can get done.

Let me know what you think by tomorrow so I can make sure we get our reservations for that day.

Talk soon my friend,

Keith Denman

P.S.  Hey, I will not even argue about letting you pick up the check. HEHE! Don’t worry my friend I have it covered. You are going to love this place. I promise you, you will not regret meeting me for dinner.


Sample 2:


Business Sample Dog Treat:

Is your cheap dog treat worth your dog’s life?

Email subject line:

Dog treat killed our friend’s daughter’s champion pug, could yours be killing your dog? FIND OUT!

Kelli was 11 yrs. old and her loving pug just became the youngest pug in history to receive champion title in conformation showing. One would think this would be a wonderful for an eleven-year-old but on her way home her dog started coughing up blood and was died within the hour.

It turns out that the treats Kelli had been using were tainted, contaminated! They were manufactured in America but the chicken that was used came from China. At that moment seeing the devastation in their daughter’s eyes, seeing her shaking uncontrollably was more than they could take. They also had been using the treats on their other dogs. You see Bill and Ella own Desert Dragon Kennels where they breed and show champion pugs.

It is moments like this that makes one look at what they been doing and seeing the mistakes that not only cost them many night sleep, the loss of one dog and having to worry about the others. Then the nightmares night after night their daughter kept having for several months. How do you explain to your child that the treats you gave her for her dog killed it? Watching as she pulls away and will have nothing to do with the other dogs. It is heartbreaking!

That is the start of Puptastic dog treats. Created with pet owner in mind. All natural all organic certified and inspected for purity. Bill and Ella started researching what is in all the treats out there what is needed and not needed. This is when I met them my new pug was having blood in the urine. Turns out the dental treats I was using was made with corn starch which started shutting the kidneys down. Luckily I found out in time and was able to save my loving pet dog.

What is great is that Bill and Ella finally got Kelli involved with creating these treats and now they have a treat that is safe, healthy and delicious. All ingredients are received from local farms and ranches that are certified organic and inspected by Bill and Kelli as well as the USDA, FDA and the AAFCO. For a listing of all ingredients and nutritional value click here .

These are affordable treats and easy to purchase online, phone or you can mail in the order. Click here to order online , or call 1 800 *** **** our you may print off our convenient mail order form.

Sincerely hoping you and your pets have a great long healthy life together,

Gordon Keith Denman

PS If you order within the next 7 days they will throwing in for free a sample pack which has one treat of all 5 flavors they offer worth $9.95.

PPS Order within the next hour and they will also give you free shipping worth $12.95.

Contaminated, Tainted Treats!



Are you an unwilling participant in harming your dog?

Contaminated, Tainted Treats!

Dear Pet Owner:

Kelli is an eleven-year-old girl. Her parents own Desert Dragon Kennels where they raise champion pugs. For Kelli’s eleventh birthday she got first pick out of the litter born just a few weeks before her birthday. Being brought up around these beautiful animals she has developed an eye for picking out the best.

You see dogs have to be six months old to be shown and Kelli had a goal of her pug being a champion in that sixth month. Only one other dog had done that and it was a Husky from Farr Kennels. Kelli not only made her loving dog a champion in Conformation showing but as well as in Obedience training as well. She hit great records and also received her Professional Handler certification as well. What accomplishments.

After her last show in Houston Texas and getting the champion status for her dog they were driving home and her parents were planning on taking her to dinner in celebration when suddenly her pug started throwing up blood, shaking and collapsed. The animal was dead before they could get the van pulled over.

What happened? Turns out the new bag of treats they bought were Contaminated, Tainted. Poisoned food. How could this happen? How do you explain that it is not your daughter’s fault her dog is dead when she was giving Contaminated treats to her loving pet? How do you stop the nightmares your child has night after night and deal with the look in her eyes when she looks at you after you explain the treats you bought and gave her were Contaminated, Tainted?

That is when Bill and Ella Stomsphere decided to create their own treats. Treats they would know were healthy, nutritious and most importantly safe for their loving dogs. Treats that have all the nutritional value to keep their pets in the healthiest condition for long healthy life.

Click here to see the nutritional values and ingredients in these most awesome dog treats .

These treats are made from certified organic ingredients sourced from local farmers and ranchers here in Midwest America. All suppliers are required to go through a regress inspection process from USDA, FDA, AAFCO as well as visit by Bill, Ella and Kelli to make sure they are abiding by the requirements for supplying them with what they need. On top of that each batch is tested to make sure there are no contaminates by the Stomshere’s and they also have each batch tested by the FDA and AAFCO to verify that their own findings are accurate.

Yes, this cost more and cuts into the profits but they believe as well as I am sure you will agree is worth not making as much money. Making a healthy affordable dog treat that they know will be healthy for their dogs and yours is the main goal to starting Puptastic. If you order through this email or online, they will also give you their sample pack which includes one each of all five flavors a $12.95 value. Just click here to be taking our their order page . While on the order page please look over the 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can check out the testimonials at .

Sincerely caring for pets all over the world,

Gordon Keith Denman

P.S. If you order within the next six hours Puptastic will also give you expedited free shipping.

P.P.S. Do not forget order immediately and receive the sample pack worth $12.95 and if for any reason you are not fully satisfied send back the unused portion for a full refund and keep the sample package as our thank you for trying what we believe is the best treat on the market.


Subject line:

Treats, Treats and More Treats: Which One is the Healthiest and Safest for Your Dog!?

Dear Pet Owner:

You have seen the recalls from Purina, Blue Buffalo and others. Some were substantiated and others were not. The one thing for sure plenty of animals got sick and died, it is still happening today. Check out reports by the FDA, USDA and AAFCO. (Links)

Kelli is an eleven-year-old girl and for her eleventh birthday she was given the pick of the litter out of the new batch of pug puppies from their kennel. Bill and Ella Stomsphere own Desert Dragon Kennels Champion Pugs. Their daughter has grown up around these beauties all her life and she picked the best one. It was such an exceptional dog winning its champion status at 6 months of age and winning in obedience as well. On the 3rd major show Squiggly Piggly not only took best in class but in breed and in show as well. This boy was the talk of everyone; dog magazine and show publication were lining up to interview Kelli and Squiggly. Kelli also received her Professional Handler certification as well that night. Upon leaving the show they were headed for a great night out to celebrate when suddenly Squiggly collapsed and started throwing up blood. By the time they got pulled over he was dead.

What happened to such a robust, energetic loving dog? Turns out the treats they were using were contaminated, tainted! The Stomsphere’s are most careful at what they give their dogs. They show and breed the best pugs in the world.

This batch of treats was bad and it killed Kelli’s beloved pet. Can you even imagine what that poor girl was feeling and thinking? Killing her own dog. You can imagine how the parents felt for buying those treats, treats they had been using for several months. They had switch over because it stated made in the USA but on further inspection the meat comes from China.

FDA link) The FDA has given out warnings about products coming from China. Can you imagine how they felt?  This horrible event has caused the Stromsphere’s to create Puptastic: an all organic, natural 100% dog treat produced in the USA. Show handlers and owners alike all over the world are now starting to turn to Puptastic. You can check out the nutritional value and ingredients at

The Stromsphere’s check every batch of Puptastic for any signs of contamination as well as having the FDA, USDA and the AAFCO checking the batches as well. Yes, this adds an expense onto the cost but Bill refuses to raise the price. Bill says, “The cost of the inspection and checks are well worth it for knowing we are helping keep dogs safe and healthy.”

Safe and Healthy over saving a few pennies per box of Treats. Check out their web site at ,I believe you will become more enlightened at what goes into your dog’s treats. This is a company that was created out of necessity to never have to go through a situation like what I explained earlier.

Bill and Elli would be woken in the middle of the night by screams coming from their daughter’s room, night after night, nightmare on top of nightmare. The retching heartache that Bill and Elli endured as well as the horror Kelli must have been feeling is enough to make a parent go mad.

Bill, Elli and Kelli all go together to local ranchers and farmers to verify that they are not only abiding by the requirements for 100% organic certification, but also the requirements they put on them for making sure all fruits, vegetables and meats for of top quality and processed to the strictest of guidelines. Check them out on .

Order a 32 oz. box for only $24.99 in any one of the flavors offered. Beef, Chicken, Liver, Pork, ? and they will throw in a 5-piece sampler pack valued at $14.99. They also offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you do not like them for any reason return the unused portion for a full refund and keep the 5-piece sampler as their gift. They have very convenient ordering on line at or you can call 1-800- ### #### or print off the order form from the web and mail it in.

If you call today or order online, they will be happy to give you expedite processing and free shipping.

Good health to you and your loving pets,

Gordon Keith Denman

P.S. Do not wait and miss out on the free expedited processing and free shipping. They keep a limited number of samplers in stock since these are made fresh so order now so you do not have to wait for the sampler pack.